You Know What Classroom I Really Don’t Like? SOLIS 104

I just have to complain: my least favorite classroom at UCSD is SOLIS 104.  I FUCKING HATE SOLIS 104.  I had a class in that room this quarter, last winter, and last spring and let me just say I am very glad that I don’t have a class there next quarter.


Let’s start off with the crummy seats.  They’re soft but unsupportive, they’re a disgusting pee yellow color, and some of them are pretty grimy.  And the ones in the front center are apparently broken or something, because when I sit down on them the front part of the seat has no support and points downwards instead of parallel to the floor, meaning I have to quickly lean back to keep my ass from falling off my goddamn chair.  Then there’re the tiny ass desks that are a ridiculous triangular shape.  What the FUCK is up with that?!!  Not to mention that every desk I have seen and used has a chunk missing from the point closest to the person, as if UCSD hired some wood-eating monster to take a bite out of every desk.  Well I can understand if the school felt compelled to do that, because that missing point would have been stabbing into the bellies of the fatter students.  And guess what?  That’s because THE DESKS ARE SO FUCKING POORLY DESIGNED!!!!11!!!!!1!!!


The worst thing about SOLIS 104 is how the rows are so cramped.  I swear, whoever designed the seating arrangement must have either been under pressure to cram as many students as possible or thought UCSD was a school of midgets.  There’s barely enough legroom.  And worst of all, this means it’s incredibly difficult to get into and out of rows if you have to wade and squeeze your way through people who oh-so- wisely sit on the two ends of the rows to get to the empty seats in the middle.  Dumb asses!  If you get to a classroom early, occupy the MIDDLE of the rows, so that people who come later (like me) can take the seats towards the edges and don’t have to stick their asses or crotches in your face as they try to slide through the ridiculously narrow rows to get to an empty seat.  UGH!  I had to do that every fucking day in the class and I hate it.  Not to mention I’m always afraid of stepping on someone’s toes or some shit.


So yeah.  They should really remodel SOLIS 104 so that it’s – oh I don’t know – comfortable?!!!  And doesn’t drive me nuts every time I have class there?  The room looks like it must have been built in the 70s anyway.  God what an awful classroom.

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