The 2008 Presidential Election – Part IV: A Clarification on My Vote

Yesterday, January 30 2008, my endorsed candidate for President of the United States, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, announced he was ending his campaign for the Presidency.  It was a sad day for me, as Edwards was the candidate who forcefully advocated for fighting against special interests on behalf of ordinary Americans and restoring an active federal government that would work aggressively to promote the common good and the public interest.


With Edwards out of the race, some have asked, who will I support now?  Those who have asked will almost certainly be displeased by my answer, for I have made a commitment to support and vote for Edwards in the Democratic primary this year.  As I understand it, Edwards will still be on the ballot when I go vote next Tuesday in the California primary, and as such I will cast my vote for John Edwards.


I know it won’t make a difference and I know it could potentially be a vote for Hillary Clinton, whom I adamantly oppose for the nomination.  But for my very first vote in a presidential election, I’d like to cast it for someone I actually support and believe in.  I treat my vote very seriously; it is not something to be used in a political chess game.  My vote must be for someone, not against someone.  My vote is my declaration of who I am, where I stand and what I believe in.

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