November 4 2008 General Election

On November 4 2008 at around 530 PM, I voted in the General Election at the Costa Verde apartment complex’s business center.  Here’s how I voted.


President and Vice President: Barack Obama/Joe Biden.  See details here and here.  Result: WON 52.9%-45.7%


United States Representative, 53rd District: Susan A. Davis.  No complaints with her as of yet.  Result: WON 68.5%-27.5%


State Senator, 39th District: Christine Kehoe.  Again, no complaints.  Result: WON 65.2%-31.3%


Member of the State Assembly, 75th District: Darren Kasai.  I hadn’t done any research on this race so this was one where I just voted for the Democrat.  Result: LOST 52.3%-41.6%


San Diego Community College District Member, Board of Trustees Districts B and D; San Diego Unified School District Member, Board of Education Districts A, D, and E; City of San Diego City Attorney:  I abstained from all of these races from lack of knowledge and interest.


City of San Diego Member, City Council, District No. 1: Sherri S. Lightner.  She’s a Democrat and had worked with the College Democrats at UCSD a number of times so I voted for her.  Result: WON 51.9%-48.1%


Proposition 1A: Would issue bonds to create a high-speed railway connecting Northern and Southern California.  I voted Yes because such infrastructure projects are important.  Result: Yes 52.3%-47.7%


Proposition 2: Would create requirements for more ethical treatment of farm animals.  I voted Yes because such better treatment for farm animals is long overdue and is the right thing to do.  Result: Yes 63.2%-36.8%


Proposition 3: Would issue bonds that would go towards children’s hospitals.  I voted Yes because, well, children’s hospitals are great!  Result: Yes 54.8%-45.2%


Proposition 4: Would require parental notification for abortion for minors.  This shit again?  I voted No on this before because all women regardless of age should have a right to privacy if they elect to have an abortion, and because government should not be the one to get involved in such private matters.  For those reasons I voted No again.  Result: No 52.2%-47.8%


Proposition 5: Would increase funding for drug rehabilitation programs and lower penalties on nonviolent drug offenses.  I voted Yes because it’s time for us to stop treating drug addiction as a “crime” and more like what it really is: a (potential) health problem.  Result: No 60%-40%


I will discuss this in a future entry.

Proposition 6: Would increase spending for police and prison programs.  I voted Yes because more spending on police is necessary.  Result: No 69.4%-30.6%


Proposition 7: Would require government-owned utilities to generate a certain percentage of their energy from renewables by 2010 and raise requirements for all utilities for 2020 and 2025.  This was the hardest measure, and the last measure, for me to decide on.  I voted No because of the proviso that utility companies can recover the additional costs of renewable from consumers by up to 10 percent.  I definitely would have voted for this proposition had that proviso not been there, but looking back on it now, I think that even with that 10 percent allowance I maybe could have/should have voted Yes on this prop.  I was very unsure about this one.  Result: No 65%-35%


Proposition 8: Would change the California Constitution to eliminate the right for same-sex couples to marry.  I voted No because I’ve been a longtime advocate of marriage equality.  Result: Yes 52.3%-47.7%


I will discuss this in a future entry.


Proposition 9: Would increase the role of the victim in parole and bail processes for the criminal.  I could barely understand it so I abstained.  Result: Yes 53.4%-46.6%


Proposition 10: Would help consumers buy alternative energy vehicles and increase research funding for alternative energy.  I voted Yes since I support alternative energy and this seemed like a no-brainer.  Result: No 59.9%-40.1%


Proposition 11: Would assign redistricting responsibilities to a commission selected from registered voters.  I still felt a little guilty at having voted against Prop. 77 in 2005 and I still think that reform in redistricting is very important.  I figured that this time, with the changes in redistricting being at the hands of a commission of voters, meticulously selected through multiple applicant pools, it would be fairly safe and on the level, or as much so as is possible, so I voted Yes.  Result: Yes 50.8%-49.2%


Proposition 12: Would issue bonds to help veterans purchase homes and farms.  This seemed like a no-brainer to me; I voted Yes.  Result: Yes 63.4%-36.6%


Proposition A: Would raise taxes and establish a new agency that specializes in preventing and stopping wildfires.  I voted Yes because I thought this was very important and necessary, especially given the recent wildfires that have devastated San Diego County.  Result: No 63.25%-36.75%


I will discuss this in a future entry.


Proposition B: Would allow for development at the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal.  I didn’t feel that I understood this issue well enough so I abstained.  Result: No 70.39%-29.61%


Proposition C: Would require excess revenue raised from Mission Bay to be used on improving Mission Bay and various other specific city parks and beaches.  I voted No because while I think money for parks and Mission Bay is important, I don’t believe in locking in funding requirements by law.  Result: Yes 67.01%-32.99%


Proposition D: Would permanently ban alcohol consumption at city beaches.  I strongly opposed this measure and voted No because I think that alcohol is a scapegoat and this measure was, quite bluntly, anti-freedom.  Instead of clamping down on people’s liberty, target those who would abuse it by spending more on police programs (hence, my Yes vote for Proposition 6).  Result: Yes 52.62%-47.38%


I will discuss this in a future entry.


Proposition S: Would spend more money on fixing schools.  A no-brainer Yes to me.  Result: Yes 68.49%-31.51%


I will discuss the results of Props. 5, 8, A and D in future entries.

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