Editor’s Note on Business for Left Turn in this New Year

I just want everyone to know that I will be continually updating on the situation with the Minnesota Senate race in “Post-Election 2008 Senate Races”, as well as ongoing replacement processes for U.S. Senators in “Appointing U.S. Senators”; including the jockeying for the New York Senate seat.  I will presumably continue doing so until all the Senate seats in question are duly filled and the opposition has ceased (in the case of Minnesota that may not be for months).  So for those who are interested, please check these two entries from time to time for updates.  I will also announce by Facebook status and AIM when updates have been posted.


As for other entries in the near future, I plan to post, as soon as possible, my thoughts regarding the impending economic stimulus bill, as well as some fresh initial thoughts on the special election for Illinois’s 5th Congressional District.  After that, barring any major news that I feel a need to comment on, I hope to go back and post thoughts, as overdue as they may be, on stuff from last year: several propositions on the November ballot (including the much-discussed and maligned Prop. 8), on the rousing debate over the proper role of government that was injected by the emergence of rising Republican star Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, and on the phenomenon of Sarah Palin and the implications for cultural politics in the United States.  And, from there, who knows?


Also, the fifth anniversary of the creation of Left Turn is coming up, on February 5th!  Can’t believe it’s been that long.

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