2010 California’s 50th Congressional District House Election, Democratic Primary

California’s 50th Congressional District includes Carlsbad, Escondido, Solana Beach, and the northern parts of San Diego as well as Clairemont and inland La Jolla, and adjoins my own 53rd District.  For this year, two Democratic candidates, Francine Busby and Tracy Emblem, are competing in the June 8 2010 primary for the Democratic Party nomination to challenge incumbent Republican Representative Brian Bilbray.


Tracy Emblem is a solid true liberal/progressive who supports Medicare for All and offers some strong progressive rhetoric on her website.  For example, her “Winning Message”:




I represent the positive politics of  “Yes we can!” not Congressman Brian Bilbray’s negative politics of “No we can’t.“


My winning message of strongly supporting working families and Labor Unions, creating new jobs, rebuilding our economy, strongly supporting public education, developing real solutions for fixing healthcare, protecting our environment, and strongly supporting President Barack Obama’s economic recovery program will resonate with voters.


On her “Welcome”, which is strangely hard to notice despite being linked from her home page, she actually tries to tie her politics together into a liberal narrative (emphasis is always mine):


A VOICE FOR THE PEOPLE – Our founding fathers believed in a government that was of the people, for the people, and by the people.  It is “we the people” who are the government. That is why I’m running for Congress – to be a voice for everyday people in my district.


The times we face demand dynamic leadership. That is why California nurses, teachers and school employees, seniors, veterans and working families are among my most ardent supporters.  Please take a stand today to return our government to the people by voting for me in the June 8th Democratic primary. You can help our grassroots campaign by volunteering to make calls from your home, contributing to help me get our message to the voters.


I believe in our country and the greatness we can accomplish when we work together for practical solutions.


It gets better…


PUTTING AMERICA BACK TO WORK – Some say government should not be in the business of creating jobs. They are wrong. We must keep our jobs in America and not ship them overseas. Government helps promote jobs or eliminate jobs by implementing policies. Our country must bring our manufacturing base back to America. I support responsible corporate actions that aid in developing or helping smaller business which in turn creates jobs in local communities.


Our nation’s workers and small businesses help build the local economy from the ground up. When the nation is employed, income enters the stream of commerce, and in turn money is spent in restaurants, at car dealers, and other businesses, creating economic prosperity.


Government is and should be in the business of stimulating the economy to help its citizens achieve national goals like putting people back to work including rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, schools, hospitals and transportation systems and retrofitting our existing buildings for energy efficiency.


I believe a strong America starts at home in our local communities. We must spend our tax dollars at home to stimulate our local economies and rebuild America. I support good policies that help keep Americans healthy, safe and employed. 


Tracy Emblem, Your Candidate

United States Congress, CA50


Wow, a Congressional candidate writing positively about active government’s role in the economy!  That’s like something I would write.


One downside to Emblem is that her Economy page has language suggestive of repealing the estate tax:


The government needs funding to provide public health and safety services.  However, we should evaluate how many times we tax a person’s income and possessions and encourage economic prosperity by preserving estates.  We should work in a bipartisan manner to restore tax fairness for all Americans.


It’s concerning, but not a dealbreaker, especially for something written so vaguely and for someone running in a slightly Republican district.


Francine Busby, by comparison, is decent but both her rhetoric and positions seem tame and underwhelming in comparison to Emblem’s.


I hereby strongly endorse Tracy Emblem for the June 8 2010 House primary election for California’s 50th Congressional District.  If you join me in support of the Emblem campaign, please contribute to her here.


Tracy Emblem.  Source: Del Mar Times


No real polling that I know of exists, but I would read this interesting profile to get a feel for this race.  Busby is the establishment candidate, and it seems like establishment candidates usually win primaries (with the exception of Arlen Specter, but even Joe Sestak isn’t exactly a true liberal).  Let’s help Tracy Emblem win on June 8!


JUNE 11 2010 UPDATE: Sadly, Emblem lost, 34.1 – 65.9.  I hope she runs again in 2012.

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