Political Endorsements for 2012 Election Cycle

The following are my endorsements for the 2012 election cycle.  Some of the races show the results of the elections, with the candidate’s vote share followed by the next highest or lowest vote shares.  When I have more time I will go back and add more results as to who won and lost.  As usual, most of my non-incumbent endorsees lost their races.


 Primary Elections

 Ohio (March 6 2012)

OH-9: Dennis Kucinich (Result: Lost)

 Illinois (March 20 2012)

IL-2 : Jesse Jackson Jr. (Result: Won)

IL-10: Ilya Sheyman (Result: Lost)

IL-13: David Gill (Result: Won)

 Pennsylvania (April 24 2012)

PA-13: Nate Kleinman

PA-17: Matt Cartwright

 North Carolina (May 8 2012)

NC-11: Cecil Bothwell (Result: Lost 30-55)

 California (June 5 2012)

CA-2: Norman Solomon (Result: Lost)

CA-15: Pete Stark (Result: Won)

CA-51: Denise Moreno Ducheny (Result: Lost)

CA-52 : Lori Saldaña (Result: Lost)

 New Mexico (June 5 2012)

NM-1: Eric Griego (Result: Lost)

 New York (June 26 2012)

NY-8: Hakeem Jeffries

 Michigan (August 7 2012)

MI-13: John Conyers

 Missouri (August 7 2012)

MO-1: William Lacy Clay, Jr. (Result: Won)

 Washington (August 7 2012)

WA-1: Darcy Burner (Result: Lost)

 Hawaii (August 11 2012)

HI-Senate: Mazie Hirono (Result: Won)

 Connecticut (August 14 2012)

CT-5: Chris Donovan (Result: Lost 32-45)

Wisconsin (August 14 2012)

WI-2: Kelda Helen Roys (see here and here) (Result: Lost)

 Arizona (August 28 2012)

AZ-1: Wenona Benally Baldenegro

AZ-9: David Schapira


General Elections


All those who won in their primary elections, plus the following:


CT-Senate: Chris Murphy

FL-9: Alan Grayson

MA-Senate: Elizabeth Warren

MI-11: Syed Taj

MN-8: Rick Nolan

NH-1: Carol Shea-Porter

NH-2: Ann McLane Kuster

NV-Senate: Shelley Berkley

OH-Senate: Sherrod Brown

VT-Senate: Bernie Sanders

WI-2: Mark Pocan

WI-Senate: Tammy Baldwin


California Ballot Propositions


Prop. 30 (raising income taxes on high earners and sales taxes): Yes

Prop. 32 (preventing unions from using payroll deductions for political contributions): No

Prop. 37 (requiring labeling of genetically modified food): Yes

Prop. 38 (alternate plan raising income taxes on high earners): Yes (unless it somehow conflicts with Prop. 30)


NOVEMBER 14 2012 UPDATE: Added Kelda Helen Roys and Mark Pocan.

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