November 3 2016 Update

Hello all.  I haven’t posted any new entries lately and I won’t be posting too many for some time.  The main reason is because I am currently without a working computer, so my computer time is restricted to two hours a day at the local public library.  There’s a lot I want to write about but not much opportunity to do it.

I do want to write a brief bit about who I’m supporting in the upcoming elections, and there is one ambitious thing I want to try to get done before the elections on November 8.  Remember how during the Presidential primaries I made predictions on the results (and got quite a few right or pretty damn close)?  Well, I want to try to do the same thing for the Presidential election in every state this general election, as well as for the competitive U.S. Senate races.  It’s going to be a lot of work to get done if I only have five more days and just two hours a day on the computer, but I want to give it a shot.  Stay tuned!


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